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Derby Animal Hospital is committed to providing the highest possible veterinary care for your companion. We believe in preventative medicine and recommend annual exams to track your pet's progress from the very first visit, well into their adult and senior years. Here our some services we provide at our practice:


Diagnostic Testing

We run our basic blood work in house along with

fecal and heartworm tests.

Nutritional Care

We carry many different brands of perscription food

based on the needs of your pet and their health concerns.


We perform our dental cleanings in house with an 

ultrasonic scaler and polisher. We perform dental surgery as well if needed.



We take and develop radiographs in house. Depending on the type

radiograph we do sedate if necessary.


General Surgery
Along with spays and neuters we also perform soft tissue
surgery, exploratories, cystotomies, etc.


We provide grooming services by appointment for dogs and cats.  Services offered:  Bathe & comb-out, Complete grooming, Undercoat removal, Nail trimming & grinding, Ear cleaning, and Gland expressing.

Comprehensive Exams

We give physical exams to all pets for vaccines

and also for preventative care including microchipping.


Spay & Neuter

We provide spaying and neutering to all 

puppies and kittens based on age and weight.



We carry all medications in house, most importantly

many different brands for flea, tick and heartworm prevention.

In the process of moving to an online store front for most medications to provide clients with home delivery options.  Please see our Pet Resources page to take you to our store front.


We give annual vaccines to all pets to prevent the

spread of disease.


Euthanasia and Cremation
We understand the difficult end-of-life decisions you must make as

a pet parent. We offer compassionate euthanasia with private or group 

cremation options.

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